Ride ready checklist

Our ride ready checklist kindly provided by Bicycle Network

Helmet fit

  • Does your child’s helmet move around when you wiggle it on their head?
  • Can they salute two fingers between their eyebrow and helmet?
  • Adjust to a snug fit.

Firm tyres

  • Fully inflated tyres make riding easier and are more resistant to punctures.
  • Check for the correct tyre pressure on the side of the tyre.

Check the brakes

  • It is important that your child is able to stop quickly.
  • Check that the bike brakes are working before you set off.

Check for loose bits and bolts

  • Have a quick scan for any loose bolts or bits on your child’s bike before you set off.
  • This includes bells, racks, bolts or any other attachments.
  • Also make sure their clothes don’t dangle in the vicinity of the spokes.

Wiggle the saddle

  • Your child’s saddle is the right height when they can sit and place the balls of their feet on the ground.
  • Adjust their saddle and tighten so it can’t move about while they are riding.

Be heard with a bell

  • All bikes need bells.
  • It is also good practice to encourage them to use their voices.

Be warm and comfortable

  • Wear clothes that are comfortable to ride in and will keep you warm when it’s cool or cool when it’s warm.